Can my headliner be re-glued?

Unfortunately you will do more harm than good. The reason the material is falling down is because the foam backing on the cloth is a petroleum based material, and over time the heat from the sun bakes the material; and that’s when the foam backing turns to dust and drops. If you try and re glue your headliner you will end up just gluing dust, and this will make a very big mess which will make the job more difficult for the person who has to replace the material. Part of the installation process is grinding off the old dead foam to get a good clean surface to bond the new material to. This is a critical stage of the installation process, so if the headliner shell is not extremely clean we can’t guarantee the new material.

Can my rear glass be re-glued or reattached on my convertible?

There is not a quick solution in solving this issue. When a convertible top is manufactured at the factory, the glass window is heat sealed by a special process into the material. This process can’t be duplicated easily especially since the material tends to shrink over time. This is why we recommend replacing it with an aftermarket top that has a lifetime guaranty on the seal of the rear window.

Can my clear plastic convertible rear window be replaced or re-sewn?

Plastic windows are notorious for fogging up, browning, and cracking. Usually by the time the rear window is in that bad of shape the rest of the top typically needs replacing as well. Although it may seem easy enough to just sew a new plastic window into the old top, you will wind up spending more money on labor trying to attempt to sew a window in verses just replacing it with a new top with a warranty.

Can I re-glue my door panel inserts?

Some cars and trucks have bonded or upholstered door panel inserts which can delaminate or separate over time. Depending on the vehicle and condition of the material, it can either be re-glued by a professional or the material might need replacing. In either case, the door panel bonding surface must be very clean so our glue will adhere properly. It’s been our experience that other people’s glue interferes with ours and we will spend a lot of additional time trying to remove any non factory glue which adds to the price.

Can my seat padding be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

In a large percentage of cases the damaged seat foam can be repaired and reinforced. We stock many densities of seat foam, and have the capability to remove the damaged foam area and replace it (making it like new). In some cases support systems can also give out; and we are able to repair or replace these parts to give you proper support.

Do you replace carpet?

Yes, we do. We are able to special order aftermarket replacement carpet for most cars & trucks. These are premolded to the contours of the floor, and come with a bonded vinyl heel pad and new felt padding. The carpets have a mass backing which adds an extra heat barrier and helps with the overall fit. Since this is a special order part, we do require a deposit. Most carpet installations can be done in 1 day.

My car got flooded and now it stinks, what should I do?

Dry-out jobs as we call them can take anywhere from 3-10 business days. We remove the seats and carpet and the old jute padding (which holds the smell) and let it all dry out. Then we clean, detail, and deodorize the carpet, install new padding and put the vehicle back together. We can also perform an ozone treatment if the odor is still present.

Can you repair leather upholstery?

Yes, repairing will probably require replacing the damaged leather section. We have access to most colors, grains, and perforation designs. Because of the way most covers are made, we are able to open up where it’s stitched together and just replace the damaged panel. Keep in mind that the condition of the adjoining material must be strong enough to sew to, and some leathers are not available and are special order. However, in other situations there is a point of no return and the whole face of the cover will need replacing.

Can you dye leather & vinyl upholstery?

Yes, in some cases we can freshen up faded leather upholstery with a custom leather dye. Keep in mind that this is only a top coat and will have a limited lifespan, and it’s normally not recommended for high wear areas. The dye holds up very well, but not as well as the original leather or vinyl.

Can you reupholster exam tables and chairs?

Absolutely!  We use specific antimicrobial materials appropriate for the healthcare industry. We have a wide range of colors to choose from and in some cases we can pick up and deliver.

Do you weld or repair seat frames?

Yes! Weak and broken seat frames are a common problem in many cars and trucks and in many cases can be repaired and welded.

Do you work with insurance claims?

Yes, we work with all major insurance companies to make your vehicle whole again!

Can you fix my sofa?

Our primary focus is automotive and marine upholstery. Although we could work on it, we feel you would be better off visiting a shop that specializes in furniture upholstery.